No Dogs with Heddy Boubaker (Fr) –


Radio documentary produced by Dale for ABC Into the Music:


Dale on RealTime Arts, SoundCapsule – Expanded Trumpet – Footpump Brass Band


Dale on New Weird Australia. Vibraphone solo & interview


Dale on ABC Classic FM – New Music Up Late with Robbie Avenaim, Chris Abrahams & Cor Fuhler


Dale “What does play create?” on ABC Pool.

Dale Gorfinkel improvising at the Hand Made Music Festival’s Galley Sessions. He hands out small recycled junk instruments to the audience and the join him in making sounds. He also talks on the topic of “What does play create”


The Maria Island Project, March 2009. Presented by Ten Days on the Island Festival and Parks Tasmania

ABC Radio National- Artworks Feature: Maria Island Sound Walk


Review of AFG Plains

Robbie Avenaim/Cor Fuhler/Dale Gorfinkel – Plains (Conundrom)

Fuhler’s releases on his own label continue to surprise and delight. This 2006 recording finds Cor on two pianos, his companions on vibraphones (Avenaim doubling percussion). The trio takes maximum advantage of this instrumentation, not just in the ringing tintinnabulations (Fuhler approaching the piano most often with e-bow, it seems), but with mechanical attacks of the vibes and a healthy dose of ratcheting crunchiness. Four tracks, each with its own virtues, each having something of a layered feel, proceeding in a steady stream of keens, hums and jangles. There are times (no doubt due to the instruments involved) where it subtly recalls the Bryars of “Hommages”, other times it drifts into steady-state AMM-ish territory. Excellent balance between serenity and hyperactivity. I’ve played it five or six times today, Saturday, and I’m hearing new stuff each run through, always a pleasure.

If they don’t have it already, erstdist should have it soon.