This is an ongoing series of works that use garden irrigation, valves, reeds, balloons, whistles, foot pumps and automated pumps.


The Baby Boomer installation was commissioned for a garden shed as part of Domicile, an event directed by Aviva Endean at a family home in Melbourne Dec 2015. With a playful absurdity, it interprets the themes of housing and home ownership, ageing and generational concerns.

Zimmer frame, pvc tubes, balloons, tuba, funnels, plastic containers, reeds, and bellows.


Solar Fleas Foundry Bees– with Ross Manning and Caitlin Franzmann at the Foundry, Brisbane 2014


Banality of Evil – Whistles made from Indonesian bullets, gloves, hula hoop, back scratchers, garden sprinkler, irrigation taps, balloon reeds, pvc tubes, plastic containers, brass horn, automated mattress pump.

This is one of the works made during the Harbour International Residency at DVAA/Darwin Festival 2015


Bird Organ was a collaborative work by Dale Gorfinkel, Michael Candy and Wukir Suryadi made during The Instrument Builders Project at the National Gallery of Victoria Nov, 2014.


Installation and workshop for kids (young and old) at the BIFEM, Bendigo Festival of Exploratory Music 2014


Modified trumpet – modular system for performance where the trumpet is treated like a mixing desk for diffusing sound to different outputs.